Baghi Movie review

Baghi Indian Movie Review | Tiger Shroff – Latestmp3


Another action packed film and Tiger Shroff has done it again with his kicks, stunts and dance! He is pragmatic, alluring and fetching. One could say, half the movie was led by this dhishoom-dhisoom while the rest of the movie was led by Shraddha and Tiger’s chemistry.

The film is about two rebels and how Tiger goes lengths to save Shraddha, his lover. The movie picks up when Tiger goes to the Kerala, Kalari, to learn ‘kalaripayattu’. His transformation from being a rebel, to becoming a rebel with a cause is a cliché. Several movies in the past have used this facet. Though, seeing Tiger doing those moves is an eye-pleaser!

Some part of the movie is shot in Kerala while the latter in Bangkok, where the villain takes Shraddha away from our Baaghi (rebel). The villain, Sudheer Babu has pocketed a few moves too, but none that even cut close to our Tiger.

Shraddha is a rebel herself, beautiful and destined to be with Tiger, who fights plenty to get to her. She is doing it again, with another song and flaunting her dexterity, flawlessly.

The entire film is predictable with a few other characters in the background adding nothing more than length to the movie. A film to watch the chemistry and drool over Tiger’s action.

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