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I, me and main

Rooting the New India – I, Me Aur Main

I, Me Aur Main, the new John Abraham movie, directed by Kapil Sharma and produced by Goldie Behl, is an underwhelming rom-com, where the talent of two beautiful ladies is not fully utilized.

The story is about Ishaan, played by John Abraham who is a self obsessed, also because of his pampered upbringing and unfavoured partiality by his mom played by Zarina Wahab. His attitudes of taking life, work and relationships for granted makes him fall into a pit.
Ishaan, plays the role of a music executive who lives with his girlfriend Anushka played by Chitrangada Singh. Not willing to commit, Ishaan seems has no genuine feelings for her. Highly egocentric my nature, his character would deny paying bills in spite of sharing a flat with his girlfriend.

Mini Mathur as Shivani plays the role of a sister to Ishaan. She is also a friend of Anushka and tries to convince her that Ishaan is not the right guy for her. Failing to understand Shivani early on, Anushka eventually closes the door of her house and life to Ishaan.
Ishaan with the aura and charm he carries moves on easily in to a new home and gets along with his typical next door neighbour Gauri played by Prachi Desai. One unstoppable speech by Shivani to her mother brought in a strong reaction onto Ishaan’s face. It is this moment that makes him realize his mistakes and brings him on track in the second half. It is now that he starts facing all downs of his life at one go and asks for one last chance to improve and move on.

The first half moves as rewarding for his fans. To see him in his nonchalant mode, a metropolitan evolved mindset of only living in the present. On the other hand, characters like Raima Sen are which plays the role of Ishaan’s new boss is a waste of talent.

The monologue with his new born daughter in the end is touching. It seems John has worked hard for the character but sometimes only actors cannot make a significant change if there is no solid story or screen play to support it.

The practical conclusion of not living together, being happy in your own world and also knowing their common priority of giving their daughter the best life makes it a movie of modern age with unusual end unlike other films where the hero is accepted with all his mistakes and life is as glorious as it was earlier.

Love, Lust and Politics – What the Sequel to Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster has to offer

Cast: Irrfan Khan, Jimmy Sheirgill, Mahie Gill, Soha Ali Khan and Raj Babbar; Director: Tigmanshu Dhulia.

A rather underrated franchise of movies, the sequel to the critically acclaimed ‘Saheb Biwi aur Gangster’ meets expectations in all aspects of a great film. With an intriguing plot, highly impressive performances and impeccable direction, the movie breaks all norms of sequel movies.

While most ‘part two’s’ tend to be quite disappointing when compared to their predecessors, this movie continues to take its audience through a complexly weaved story of love, lust, and politics. Scattered with some hard hitting dialogues and a fascinating story line, this movie according to me deserves much more recognition that the more popular Gangs of Wassypur franchise which took the Bollywood frenzy public by storm last year.

The story of this film picks up from where the first movie left off. ‘Saheb’ played by Jimmy Shergil is working hard to overcome his handicapped status with a simple goal to show the world where he truly stands in the hierarchy of power. His love hungry, alcoholic wife is now an MLA struggling to find a place his ‘Saheb’s’ heart..

Introducing new characters played by Raj Babbar, Soha Ali Khan and Irrfan Khan, the performance quotient which was already impressive is upped by a 100%. With the inclusion of these characters comes another angle to the politics of the region where each character is contributing to the ongoing battle for power.

With impeccable timing in dialogue delivery, a dash of humour and satire with embarrassing encounters with the state’s CM, and a well woven screenplay, it is impossible for the viewer to take his eyes off the screen.

Still residing in a feudal mindset, the story unravels the lives of highly dislocated characters who struggle to find a standing in a world that has abandoned them. Struggling between the world of aristocracy and politics, each character comes with his or her own baggage which needs to be rid of while dealing with a group of infidel lovers, family members and political associates.

The movie is dramatic and tragic on various levels. With passionate performances from most leading actors, the movie demands that you place yourself in a world where empathy, love and faith have no meaning.

Quite an experience of sorts, watching this movie can mean many different things to each viewer!


Attacks of 2611 – Review

Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Producer: Ram Gopal Varma , Parag Sanghavi
• Nana Patekar as Rakesh Maria, Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime)
• Sanjeev Jaiswal as Ajmal Kasab
• Farzad Jehani as himself, owner of Leopold Cafe

Only discussing about the horrific attacks and the grueling sixty hours of terror recreates the picture in front of our eyes yet again. Ram Gopal Verma visited the real site immediately after the situation was in control when only media person and people in power were allowed and the authorities were highly criticized for his presence. His craft is now into the big screens in the form of the Movie ‘The Attacks of 26/11’ after four years and also when the last live source to reaching the information and lead Ajmal Aamir Kasab is hanged and the episode has reached the end.

The opening credit title compares the attacks to the US attack of 9/11 as more impactful but I beg to differ as a Mumbaiite where no one has ever witnessed such mayhem of 26/11 was equally larger in our lives. For us as a citizen of India it still brings goose bumps and shivers just thinking about the incident which is normal according to a radio jockey but how deeply a patriotic are we, is defined to the extent you get disturbed while watching the movie.

This movie is described by the point of view of the then Joint commissioner Rakesh Maria outstandingly played by Nana Patekar answering all the questions to the board as to what he had to go through at that point of time, depicting the simultaneous sequence and what it is to lose his colleagues and team members and yet expected to take radical and practical decisions. After the incident was done with, lot of analysis and criticism came in the way of the system and authorities, from people of different spheres of life. But it is really difficult to imagine the psychology and the mindset to deal with the pressure to take decisions which are either ways answerable to the whole of nation.

The movie showcases the strong characterization of Kasab very well played by debutant Sanjeev Jaiswal, and portraying a role of mesmerized victim by aka who trained him for jihad. His confessions, his brutal killings of innocent lives at strategic locations and his fearless attitude from the time they entered Mumbai all clearly depicted in simple dialogues throughout the movie. Credits to the makeup artist as well.

All in all Ram Gopal Verma directed a simple, clear and straight forward movie without getting into controversy of system’s and institution’s role and focused on Kasab as a protagonist, and the verdict of his hanged till death gave him an appropriate end to the movie and the closing titles with the advancement for the post of the joint commissioner completed the gripping story with an Adult certification.


Special 26 – Akshay Kumar’s Saving Grace!

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Manoj Bajpayee, Anupam Kher, Jimmy Shergill, Divya Dutta
Direction: Neeraj Pandey

Special 26 a con thriller is again a social awakening film similar to its parent movie A Wednesday. Adaptation from real-based stories extracted from police files reflects the irony of Indian jurisdiction and the riches of politicians. Very well scripted and executed where audience are thrilled and excited to see “what’s next”. This movie has targeted the powerful and mighty who thrive on black money escaping from the custodians of law. It’s an awakening amongst the common man who draws their own way of penalising the enemies of the nation.

All the characters of the movie have done a complete de-glamorise role doing complete justice to the movie and the script. Two main leads of the movie Anupam Kher who in his mid-fifties and still in process of becoming father the 7th time has done an outstanding performance which is possible only with immense experience and maturity, playing a conman with Akshay Kumar who has comfortably stepped out of his loud Bollywood personality teaming up with Jimmy Shergill and Divya Dutta with other two teammates and plays CBI officers investigating black money menace in houses of rich businessman and politicians under pretext of income tax and CBI raids.

This is continued for several times, till the Real CBI discovers it. Manoj Bajpayee has played an honest CBI officer who steals the show with his presence. The whole merry-go-round between both the teams is quite a show.
Beauty of the scam and the raid is when the politicians and businessman hiding the facts of the raid to avoid much public and media attention which could dent their image.

There is only one thing in the entire movie that should have been avoided is the romance between Akshay and his neighbour Kajal Aggarwal which is so cliché that steals the focus of the movie. Music is definitely not the need of such a flick which can be adopted by our Hollywood movie makers.

The movie picks up its pace while approaching the climax where they recruit employees for their fake CBI investigation. This pace runs till the end which is quiet difficult to gauge.

What steals the show are the punch lines by Divya Dutta and Manoj Bajpayee. They are always an impressive platter.

Neeraj Pandey has officially taken a lead to treat these goons and show a way to the society to fight against such unofficial societal and gamble practices. Worth a wait for sequel!

Talaash Movie Review

Talaash Review

Cast:Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Rani Mukerji and Nawazuddin Siddiqui
Director: Reema Kagti

By no means is Talaash a complete end to your search for a perfect movie of talented star cast, screenplay, music, drama and a tinch of Mumbai in dark and in light. Not being an action-packed movie it is a suspense thriller with a paranormal edge –a movie where climax is far from correct predictions. You can barely take your eyes off the screen.

Since it’s an Aamir Khan flick it bound to have a script that can appeal to the audience and can do justice to all associated with the movie including the viewers. Though the movie captures the darker and hidden side of human psychology it is well portrayed and scripted which suffices the ultimate reasoning of afterlife and karma. It has a perfect human touch.

It’s a story of a workaholic and nocturnal police officer who scouts the streets of Mumbai in his van with a lady unknown and unseen by people around in search of links to his investigation of a road mishap of a famous filmstar. To add to his character he is a disturbed and quiet officer running away from a broken and disturbed relation with his wife. What adds to the drams is a mysterious and pretty streetwalker who takes us to the Mumbai’s red light and extravagant fashion flown streets. Infact the film has taken the quote “Mumbai never sleeps” too literally.

Talaash has successfully portrayed the disturbing and compelling lives of prostitutes and handled with high level of maturity and sensitivity. Communication of their psyche and their real world of fear and disgrace is commendable.

Movie in second half fails to maintain the pace by repetitive actions and non-sequential drama. Back and forth from past to present leads to losing the link. Strong star cast like Rani Mukherjee playing her role with utmost finesse is not well utilised, as she is portraying a depressed and lonely wife who is trying to reach out to her dead son by taking help of her neighbour who gets possessed. The whole act is very loosely acted and not well scripted.

Aamir Khan has done a complete justice to his image by portraying an emotional and strong character with his act and his looks. Kareena steals the show with her charm and seductive personality. Ram sampaths number is an off-beat and well composed smoky tune. It is well supported by the other characters of the film especially Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Sheba Chaddha.

Talaash is an intelligently structured and well narrated film. A must watch.


Kai Poche Review

As a movie buff, I am always in the hunt for that defining moment in a movie that justifies its title. The film adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s book ‘Three Mistakes of My Life’ by director Abhishek Kapoor has been aptly titled ‘Kai Po Che’. A victory cry that is screamed out during kite flying challenges that Gujarat is so famous for, ‘Kai Po Che’ is a heart-wrenching story of three friends and real life tragedies faced by the bourgeois of growing India.

This simple story is set in a local neighborhood in Ahemdabad, where Ishaan( Sushant Singh Rajput), Omi (Amit Sadh) and Govind (Rajkumar Yadav) fight through social, political and religious hindrances to full-fill their simple dream of running and expanding their sports shop and cricket training academy. The story weaves between Govind’s business aspirations, Ishaan’s passion for cricket and Omi’s tryst with Indian politics.

Based in the backdrop of the Bhuj earthquake that destroyed thousands of lives in 2001 followed by the Gujarat riots on the wake of the Godhra incident, the movie takes you on a journey of some strong characters in the form of Omi’s politician uncle, Govind’s struggle to succeed in the business and Ishaan’s star student – a scrawny Muslim boy with fantastic potential.

Abhishek Kapoor has been able to present the strong and debatable theme of the Gujurat riots with great finesse without venturing deeply into its current political and social controversies but driving the point across nonetheless.

With a fresh start cast, he has been able to bring out some great performances from the three main characters as well as the supporting actors which play significant roles in the progress of a very intriguing storyline.

Combined with exquisite music composed by Amit Trivedi and lyrics by Swanand Kirkare, the music score of the movie is reminiscent of the folk tradition that the state of Gujurat is representative of.
Early into the year, it is encouraging to see a film that is already a strong contender for ‘Best Film’.